Poff Studios

Dandelion Poff Designs

I'm an artist! In every sense of the word. I've been in the visual and performing arts since I was very young, loving any and all kinds of art. Now, I'm hoping to share my art with the world as I continue my artistic journey ༄

I will begin updating this page with more of my artwork as I make it! I do have many other examples of my art, but I wanted to create a separate branch of my art through Poff Studios, going under the name Poff. As this branch is still relatively new, it may be a little while before I have more art examples, but I will be designing characters, drawing fanart, and perhaps participating in DTIYS challenges, who knows? Check back later for more art!

In the meantime, if you would like to check out some of my more "formal" art (i.e. work and school), please feel free to visit jessicayuart.myportfolio.com or @jessicayuart on Instagram!